2018 in review : Looking back on your favorite consumer insights


With a new year on the horizon, now is the perfect time to look back at the most-read articles on  APAC. From major brands bucking tradition to the death of demographics, 2018 was driven by personalized online experiences, breakthroughs in nontraditional banking, and a noticeable shift toward digital-first campaigns. Explore the articles below as you prepare to step into 2019.


1) Tap into relevant cultural pain points

When people recognize that a product is useful in their everyday lives, the results generally speak for themselves. We’ve been harping on the importance of relevance all year, and we put that idea into practice for our #LookBeforeYouLeave Google Maps campaign in India. By tapping into a common pain point for Indian users (namely, unpredictable traffic patterns) we launched a comprehensive media campaign — from traditional TV spots to digital OOH billboards — that kept Maps top-of-mind for Indian commuters.


2) Forget demographics — tailor campaigns around consumer intent

How much do a 40-year-old female ad executive and a 40-year-old female competitive swimmer have in common? Likely just their age and sex — but brands that don’t look beyond their demographics might think they’re the same audience. Given the number of signals consumers create every day, marketers have an unprecedented ability to understand and respect the nuances of individual identities.

Bottom line: brands that want to win new customers need to ditch demographics and home in on intent.


3) Ensure your video ads are seen and heard

Brands want as many eyes on their video ads as possible. But what’s the value of an ad that reaches 10,000 people when only 10 are paying attention? Impressions merely measure the number of eyes on the screen. Maybelline Philippines put together a YouTube strategy that enabled them to reach and engage Filipinas for immediate brand impact.


4) Get ahead of the digital banking curve

More people than ever are going online to search for banking products like credit cards and personal loans. Despite this emerging trend, very few banks in APAC are harnessing digital tools and data to delight their customers. We broke down four principles of data-centric marketing based on financial providers that are delivering top online experiences.


5) Don’t overlook digital’s influence during Ramadan

More than 245 million Muslims in Malaysia and Indonesia alone celebrated Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr last year.1 For brands in Southeast Asia, the Holy Month is a cornerstone of the festive holiday season. We partnered with Asian Consumer Intelligence to research how technology helps modern-day Muslims observe the


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